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Over 65% of firms listed on the London Stock Exchange admit to outsourcing business processes. It is believed that the percentage is in fact far greater than this.

Consumers are already aware of the outsourcing of processes such as call handling, tele-sales and payroll work.

Over the last 10 years the volume and variety of business processes outsourced has increased considerably.

This increase comes about because of the need to:-

   find specialist staff who are able and willing to take on the tasks
     required for businesses.

   use resources more effectively and efficiently

   reduce overheads

   reduce or limit increase in office accommodation

Appreciation that businesses are best left to deal with their core activities by outsourcing support functions is also very important.


We were involved in setting up the outsourcing of legal transcription for a well known local law firm in Middlesex. The practice had approximately a dozen solicitor fee earners and 9 secretaries. Each solicitor and secretary required the use of desk space, a computer, email facilities etc.

When those individuals were away from work due to illness, holiday or due to some other reason their duties had to be taken on by a locum, a temporary replacement or by some other facility.

The firm decided to outsource some of its typing and transcription requirements to UKTyping. A consultant from UKTyping attended the practice, provided a demonstration to the partners in the first instance and arranged for two partners to pilot the system free of charge. After a 7-day trial the partners were suitably impressed by the service and arranged for the entire Family Law Department to start outsourcing transcription requirements.

The savings that can easily be achieved are set out later on this page. The need for the practice to recruit additional staff to meet business requirements diminished and in fact over the course of time with staff moving on office space was freed up.

UKTyping provided a comprehensive competent legal transcription service returning typing and transcription well within agreed time frames.

UKTyping now caters for over 80% of the firms typing and transcription requirements.

The estimated cost of employing a secretary is calculated as follows. This analysis demonstrates the potential cost savings that can be achieved in outsourcing transcription requirements.

Estimated Cost of Employing a secretary
Annual Cost (£)
Employers National Insurance Contributions say
4 Weeks Holiday Entitlement equates to
Computer Depreciation, Software and maintenance cost per annum
Sickness Leave say 5 days
Office Space, Lighting, heating, Refreshments say
Accountancy / Payroll Administration say
Training, Induction, Appraisal expenses say
Recruitment costs and other employment related matters
Other Employment related costs: Furniture; stationery; cleaning
Perks (Pension / Insurance / Healthcare / Luncheon Vouchers etc)
Maternity / paternity Entitlement
Employers Liability Insurance
Bonuses / Gifts etc.
Total Estimated Cost
£ 26,538.46
Our experienced legal medical and professional secretaries can provide to you an effective efficient and economical typing transcription data input and data processing service at a fraction of this cost.
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