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A service by way of which we provide quality transcription of voice recordings other than dictation.  This includes transcription of telephone conversations, meetings, interviews, conferences, speeches etc. 

We offer varying types of output depending on users requirements.  Recordings can be interpreted comprehensively producing a typed note (within reason) of every sound (such as an Umm....Ahh etc).  Alternatively our experienced secretaries can provide a detailed note of “who said what” without recording what may be considered irrelevant / less important sounds.
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Conferences, speeches, interviews and meetings can now be recorded in digital format with a view to our experienced staff preparing detailed and accurate transcripts of those events. We are able to prepare clear verbatim transcripts for a clients use within hours of an event taking place. This service can be put to the following uses: -
Annual Meetings
Our corporate clients use the service for recording proceedings at annual/general meetings so that the transcript can then be made available to other shareholders as a part of the company's annual report or on the company's website.
Client Interviews
Our professional clients including lawyers, accountants and doctors often record interviews and attendances upon clients and patients with a view to having on file after the event a detailed transcript of proceedings at the meeting or interview. Such a script is useful as a detailed record of the event in case the need arises for future reference. Where lawyers instruct an advocate to represent a client at court it is useful for the advocate to have seen a transcript in advance of a hearing in circumstances where the advocate may not previously have met the client. An advocate will be able to form a better assessment of the credibility of the client as a witness upon perusal of a detailed transcript as opposed to having reviewed only an Attendance Note recording a summary of the meeting.
We transcribe the content of speeches for media organisations, educational establishments, governmental bodies and private organisations.
How does the service work?
We can loan or sell to a client the requisite recording equipment to enable a detailed digital recording to be created of the proceedings at a meeting, interview or other such event. If necessary a member of our team will be available to administer the recording.

When transcribing the proceedings for such an event we require as a separate note a list of the names of the participants and details of any specific specialist terminology that may be used.
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