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TELEDICTATE Dictate by telephone

A revolutionary new service and a new product from UKTyping.

Dictate by telephone from anywhere in the world. Our servers will capture your recording and securely and confidentially submit it to our expert transcriptionists. The dictation will be processed in the usual way and returned to you within your selected Turnaround Time.

If you wish then the TeleDictate server will submit the dictation to your in-house typist for a nominal charge.

There is no extra charge for this facility which is available to all registered users. Registered users can monitor the progress of their dictations in the usual way at MyOffice.

Advantages of TeleDictate:

   Dictate from anywhere in the world
   Use a fixed land line or a mobile phone
   Dictate on the move
   No need for sophisticated dictation equipment
   Zero startup costs
   Send dictation to your in house secretary using this service for a
     nominal charge

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