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Our aim is to produce work of such a quality that our clients should need to spend very little time on it once received from us. We go to great lengths in ensuring that the quality of our work is of the highest possible standard.


In the first instance we use transcriptionists who are familiar with our clients' specialties and professions. Transcription for lawyers and doctors is for example carried out by legal and medical transcriptionists respectively.

All work once transcribed is double checked by the transcriptionist. That work together with the dictation recording is then forwarded to a Quality Controller who plays back the recording whilst reviewing the document. The document is checked for quality in terms of accuracy of text typed, formatting and presentation.

This produces a very high quality result. Any errors remaining in the document at that stage should be minor/negligible or the result of a weakness in the quality of the recording. Wherever our Transcriptionists and Quality Controllers feel that the document created will require particular attention from the client they will mark those paragraphs or those parts of the text with [ square brackets ].

We do not believe that accuracy can be quantified in percentage terms. We simply aspire to achieve perfect quality. To aim for quality of 98% or 99% is unrealistic. An accuracy level of 98% means that 2 in every 100 words is incorrect and in our view this would be unacceptable to a busy professional.

When work is dispatched to a client we offer a feedback/rating facility so that we can learn from a user's comments. We value feedback immensely.


Date entry work can be boring, repetitive, mundane and monotonous! This often results in very poor quality work. We arrange for data entry work to be carried out by teams of individuals. An individual will tackle a different aspect of the each data entry project for a specified time building in variety to their workload. The data entered is then validated by computer where possible and always double checked manually.

Where a project lends itself to double entry data verification we do this. This in the simplest of terms means that we will often enter data twice using separate operators on seperate PCs. The resultant data is then cross checked automatically and this highlights discrepancies.

In summary our data entry service results in highest quality product which is essential in meeting our clients requirements and expectations.


All work which is copy typed is checked by the original typist and then again by a proofreader. We very rarely use OCR (Optical Character Recognition). OCR results generally in very weak quality text and often such text is in an unacceptable format. Where we do use OCR the resulting product is first edited by an expert word processing specialist and then proofread for accuracy.

We use the latest in high technology scanners for these functions. They work at high speed and produce an excellent quality result. We manually check the quality of scanned documents to ensure that they are legible, clear and free from aberrations at the margins. We also ensure that there is no inadvertent omission of text or other contents on the reverse of pages which are being scanned and also that pages are not missed. All of this is dealt with manually.

The quality of a script created using the verbatim system depends very much on the input of the users, the manner in which the digital recording system is setup and also the number and quality of microphones used. We can advise on all of these aspects with a view to producing a very high quality result.

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