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The advantages of using digital dictation are considerable. These are dealt with elsewhere on this website.
Outsourcing itself will save a substantial sum of money in terms of secretarial and related costs. Further details are setout on the “Why outsource” page.
Backlogs in typing, data entry and transcription can be eliminated. We guarantee a 24 hour service and can provide a faster service whenever required.

All our work is typed/checked by experienced secretaries. This means that you will receive a very high quality product.

Our production centres are in different time zones. This enhances the benefit of turnaround times that are available to you. It is possible that work sent to us at 5:30 am one day can be returned having been typed formatted and checked by 10 am the next day.
Routine and repetitive tasks can be outsourced to us leaving your secretary to carry out more important functions within your business. The service can be used to improve fee earner to secretarial ratios in professional practices considerably.
Our typists and data entry professionals are experts in their own fields. Our medical and legal transcriptionists are fully familiar with relevant professional terminology, processes and requirements.
Local knowledge – just because your work is being produced in India or South Africa does not mean that you need to spell common local names and addresses or that you need to put up with bad quality. All our work is quality checked by staff in the United Kingdom to eliminate such problems.
Industry specific products such as comprehensive legal forms are available meaning that you need not invest in paper based forms or in forms technology/software.
The ancillary costs of employing staff such as National Insurance, sickness leave, recruitment costs, maternity leave and other such items are eliminated by using our team of experienced staff.
Reduce the demand for office/desk space by using our transcriptionists and data entry personnel.
Our secretaries use our equipment and so this alleviates you of the need to update/upgrade IT.

The only substantial disadvantage of outsourcing transcription work to us is that initially our staff may not be familiar with your clients, their cases and transactions or case specific information. For that reason transcription clients would need to dictate fully items such as addresses and reference numbers. An inhouse secretary would normally have access to the file from which she could obtain such detail.

Our data entry clients will need to ensure that their instructions and the raw data are physically delivered to us, or alternatively sent to us by e-mail so that we can process the data in accordance with their requirements.
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