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Our pricing structure is simple, predictable and precise. All our charges are subject to value added tax where the client/customer is based in the United Kingdom. Our regular transcription service users are invoiced monthly in arrears. All equipment supplied may be subject to a delivery charge which will be agreed at the time of placing the order.


Routine dictation of correspondence, notes, memos etc is charged per line typed. This is now the international industry standard as it is a charging method which can be easily checked and audited.

A line is defined as 65 key strokes. This means that a line is not a physical line of text so that the name and address of an individual to whom a letter is being sent will not equate to four or five lines. In fact it will probably equate only to one or one and a half lines. Visit our download literature centre to download an example of a transcribed page endorsed with its line count.

In our experience our charges for transcription bringing to you the combined benefits of outsourcing and offshoring will produce savings in your office overheads of between 30% and 70%. See the savings illustration on the “Why Outsource” page of this website.

In general our standards are very high and clients do not need to submit work to us for correction but if on the rare occasion, corrections are necessary then clearly there is no charge for this.

Where users supply us with their standard letters, reports or other templates, we only charge for the work we carry out on these templates and do not carry out a line count of the entire documents.

We encourage all transcription service users to take advantage of the free trial that we offer. This will demonstrate to a client not only the effectiveness and efficiency of our service but also how much a piece of work would have cost had it been chargeable. Those who avail themselves of the free trial are usually delighted with the results and the potential savings.


Copy typing from original typed and printed texts is usually charged per page and will depend upon the size of the page, the quality of the original print/typing and the desired final result. We can generally turnaround copy typing requests within 48 hours but turnaround times should always be agreed in advance.


Charges for data entry work depend upon:

   the volume of data to be entered
   the number of fields per record
   the required turnaround time
   whether the original data whether in paper or electronic form will
     be delivered to us or whether we need to collect it
   whether the original data needs to be returned to the client or
     should be destroyed


Verbatim provides an excellent quality script of “Who said what”. Charges for this service depend on the difficulty / complexity of the task and the desired final product.

The transcriptionists job becomes more difficult:

   with an increase in the number of speakers
   a decrease in the quality / clarity of the recording
   a decrease in the number of microphones

The more difficult the task the higher the cost. Clients will benefit by seeking guidance from us prior to a meeting; conference or other recordable event.

The desired final product also has a considerable impact on pricing.

Option 1:
Precise detailed script of everything that is said including every sound such as “Ahh…um”. This is the most time consuming format.

Option 2:
Simple note of “who said what” – Slightly less time consuming

Option 3
Brief note / summary of a conversation in the form of an attendance note. This is least time consuming


Please contact us for details of pricing on our other services.

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