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The following are some questions that we are frequently asked regarding our services. If you cannot find an answer to your question then please feel free to telephone or email us with your enquiry.

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Typing / Transcription
Q: I have an audio file I need transcribed, what do I do?
A: You can send the recording to us by email to support@uktyping.com. Alternatively the recording can be transferred to us over our website at www.uktyping.com/myoffice. This is a very secure facility. You will need a username and password which can be issued to you upon request. If you have not used our service before then we will revert to you fairly quickly providing to you an indication of the Turn-Around-Time, the cost of the service and also to agree the format for the final finished document. Your voice file will then be allocated to one of our experienced team of audio typists who will create the document in your preferred format or layout, using your templates (if required). The typed document will then be first level quality checked and the recording will then be passed to our second level quality control team for proofreading in conjunction with the recording. Your transcribed documents will be sent to you ready for you to check on screen and to print off.

Q: Which digital recording formats can you work with?
A: We are happy transcribe .wav, .dss, .wma and .mp3 files. If you have any other format then just send us a sample and we will check it and revert to you very quickly. If you are about to acquire digital dictation or recording equipment and you need advice then please telephone us. We have considerable experience in this field and will be able to guide you on the appropriate product and recording format for your needs.

Q: Are you able to transcribe my work using my firmís templates and precedent?
A: Of course! We keep a database of precedent letters and documents for our regular clients. So long as you make a clear request to the typist before you dictate a piece of work, we will then be able to work from your particular precedent or with your chosen template.

Q: How long will it take to get the completed work back to me once it has been transcribed?
A: Itís your choice: we offer a range of services. On a 24-hour turn around basis your dictation will be typed, quality checked and returned to you well within 24 hours. For regular clients using the service work is generally returned within 12 to 18 hours. Our priority / urgent service is offered to regular clients at the same rates and here we will endeavour to give priority to your work. Our instant / 3 hr TAT (hour turn around) service guarantees that we will start transcribing your dictation immediately and will generally, subject to the length and clarity of the recording, return it to you within 3 hours. There is a surcharge for this 3-hour service.

Q: Can you guarantee you will meet my deadline?
A: We take deadlines very seriously at UKTyping and pride ourselves in our ability to achieve these. If however on the very rare occasion your work is delayed we will keep you fully informed of the situation including a reason for the delay.

Q: Who transcribes the dictation?
A: We have staff in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa and India. All our typing is carried out in our own premises. We do not use work at home typists. By its nature the work that we do for our professional clients is very sensitive and we feel more comfortable offering these services from our secure transcription centres. All our typists are very experienced and most of them are graduates. All of our quality control work is carried out in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We ensure that all transcriptions that we create are quality checked and that those who have the responsibility for checking quality have many years prior experience in the field themselves.

Q: What quality control procedures are in place?
A: All transcriptions that we generate are quality checked. Our dedicated team of experienced quality controllers is made up of secretaries each of them having many years experience in their relevant fields. Work is quality checked with full audio playback.

Q: How do you charge for transcription services?
A: When this business was set up in the mind 1990s we were amongst the first companies in the field to introduce charges per line typed. This in our view is the fairest method of charging for outsourced typing and transcription services. A line is defined as 65 keystrokes and we levy a fixed charge per typed line. In fact we have not raised our charge rate once since the mid 1990s when the service was conceived. For comparison purposes some client prefer a rate per dictated minute. We are happy to provide this as well. All typed documents are returned to clients with a full line count. A line count summary and analysis is also available to all registered users online at any time. This is an entirely transparent service.

Q: How often do you invoice and how do I pay?
A: We invoice once a month. Payment is requested within 30 days. You can pay by BACs, telegraphic transfer or by cheque sent to our UK address. Our bankerís details appear on all invoices. Our invoicing arrangements and credit period mean that effectively you will have an average of 6 weeks credit terms from the date of typing.

Q: Do you take a deposit and do you require us to generate a minimum amount of dictation a week?
A: Most of our clients are professionals. We trust them and so do not take any deposits/advance payments. This service is a pure pay-as-you-go arrangement. Some organisations send of all their typing requirements to us on a daily basis. Others will only use us for staff cover during absences or for overflow work.

Q: Are you able to transcribe poor quality recordings?
A: We are always willing to consider a poor quality recording. However, the client must bear in mind that if the quality of the dictation is particularly difficult to understand, then it will take additional time to transcribe. In these instance we may feel it necessary to provide a quotation before tackling a particular job. Recording quality will also have a bearing on turnaround times.

Q: Can you tell me types of clients you serve?
A: We have clients from all professions including lawyers, doctors, dentists and accountants. We are expanding all the time. The chances are that we will have had experience in your particular profession, but if you have any queries, donít hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone. We also type for general commercial businesses, authors, journalists and academics.

Q: What about confidentiality?
A: Confidentiality and business ethics are key concern for us and an important consideration for our clients. We deal with this in detail on the ethics page of our website. This is a business run by former practicing solicitors and senior experienced secretaries who have always worked in an environment where the importance of these issues is paramount.

Q: Do you carry indemnity insurance?
A: We have comprehensive cover. Please contact us if your require specific details.