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At UKTyping we take a particularly stringent stance on the subject of ethics.
Professional individuals and businesses trust us with their work expecting it to be turned around not only expediently but also taking into account their professional and ethical obligations to their clients. As a result issues such as confidentiality are of paramount importance.
Those considering outsourcing to India and Africa are often also concerned over issues such as staff working conditions, rates of pay and welfare generally. Our ability to maintain a competent reliable and trusted body of staff is of paramount importance.
We have formulated the following ethical principles and assurances and we comply with them at all times:
Confidentiality our transcriptionists, data entry staff, editors, quality controllers and management staff are and will at all times be bound by a strict confidentiality non-disclosure agreement. We readily enter into a Confidentiality Agreement with our client businesses on an unequivocal basis. Our standard confidentiality undertaking is drafted by a UK barrister and is accepted and relied upon by hundreds of professional who use our services on a daily basis. If you prefer then we will enter into a confidentiality arrangement in your preferred form.
Home Workers We do NOT use transcriptionists who work from home. All our transcriptionists are based at central locations where our infrastructure itself also lends to appropriate acceptable confidential and ethical working arrangements.
Destruction of Records All records including sound files, data files, and document files that we hold on your behalf will be irretrievably destroyed at intervals agreed with clients.
Data Encryption Wherever client practices and businesses have the ability to use encrypted data we will adhere to their preferred encryption standard.
Staff Working Conditions All staff employed by us in England and abroad are employed on fair terms at market rates. Often the transcription services are provided by qualified individuals many of whom are themselves graduates. They are employed in competitive market conditions and therefore the question of unacceptable working conditions, low standards and sub-standard remuneration does not arise. Several clients have taken the opportunity of visiting our production centres and we would welcome the opportunity of hosting you should you choose to visit us. We encourage our staff to use working techniques, practices and infrastructure arrangements which are conducive to their good health and in compliance with UK Health and Safety Recommendations.
Website Usage For statistical purposes we monitor the number of visits to our websites and to specific pages. We do not use IP addresses.
Client Information - We will not (unless you expressly permit us) use your details for marketing purposes and will not disclose your details to third parties.
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