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We provide a fully comprehensive typing, transcription and data entry service to our Accountancy clients.

We type and transcribe routine correspondence, notes, minutes of meetings and other items regularly dictated by accountants. We also transcribe recordings of proceedings at meetings, conferences, telephone conversations and interviews with our Verbatim service.

We are able to copy type documents, old or historic papers, precedents from books or elsewhere. Copy typing is charged per page and instructions can be sent to us by fax or by e-mail. Our turnaround time for copy typing is usually 48 hours but should always be agreed in advance.

Verbatim is one of our newest and most exciting products. We record proceedings of minutes, conferences or conversations by telephone. We then transcribe these producing an accurate record of the conversation or of the proceedings.

The advantages of this service are:-

    Very accurate record of what was said and by whom.
Saves professional time and cost to clients in preparing detailed and sometimes lengthy attendance notes/minutes.
The detailed notes can be very useful to third parties such as barristers representing clients at hearings where they may not previously have had a chance to meet the client. This enables the barrister to assess for example the credibility of the client.

Scanning and digitisation of your standard documents, office manuals and other literature to make them available on line.

Precedent/Template Creation — analysing repetitive corresponde-nce, documentation and notes to create templates and forms for future use. Saves re-inventing the wheel!

Historically businesses and in particularly professionals used to store papers for six years. More and more frequently files are needing to be stored for considerably longer. Mortgage related conveyancing papers are often stored for up to 25 years. Insurance documentation is often stored for up to 40 years.

We provide a solution to the ever increasing challenge of storing bulky files and documentation. We are able to scan all documentation in a legally acceptable manner providing you access to the documents instantly by way of word search on a CD-ROM.

We can arrange for the collection of your files and papers. Those papers will be organised, scanned, digitized and indexed. At your request we can hold a copy of the data in addition to providing to you the data on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM holds a searchable database of your stored files from which you can locate papers almost instantly. This avoids:-

   The time lag between needing a file and it being obtained.
   Storage costs.
   Deterioration in paper quality with the passage of time.
   The risks of damage by flooding etc.

The financial savings are considerable as one would expect.

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